quarta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2010

Pencil to Ink

I'm posting one step-to-step of my inks process on the one page.

I choose the pencils of the great
Eddy Barrows. The him pencils are awesome!

Well, here is the pencils. In other Deviation, I will post other step.

The first step are transforming the pencil in shades of blue on Photoshop.

Here the beginning of the inks. I always start with the more larger character. In this case, Superman.

Well, here I've done almost all areas of solid black and more of the characters. As well as some part of the background. After, I will post the finished page. Sorry for the bad, bad english, guys =( I hope I have given some help.

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Kawabamgaaaaaaaaaa disse...

Fala serio hein hehe mega passo a passo, aqui preciso falar com vc ok ^^.